my bedroom英语作文(小学)

This is my bedroom the.....    开头    谢谢

This is my bedroom. The best thing I like is my bookcase. There are a lot of books in it. I always read books on sunny days. It's really fun. There is a big bed with many toys on it. You can see the beautiful pillow and the quilt.
I really like my bedroom. I clean it once a week. I will make it always clean.

比较简单 你就凑合着截取一点吧 很有可能当中有一些不符合你家情况哦 望谅解

楼主最后It bring me relaxation and wise.可能有点问题
我认为应该是It makes me relax and wise.
首先bring后应加s 另外wise是形容词 bring后面能加形容词吗?
This is my bedroom .It is not big , but it is nice .There is a bed in my bedroom . A yellow dog is on the bed .Every night,I sleep with it . Next to the bed, there is a desk. A bear lamp is on the desk .I like the bear lamp. It's cute. I like to do homework under the lamp every evening. I have a new computer in my bedroom .It is my best friend . Because I study at it, play at it . There are also several beautiful pictures on the wall.

I like my bedroom. Do you like it?
This is my debroom ,There is a bed in my bedroom. There is a desk near my bed. There is a pink doll on my bed. I sleep with it every night. There is a big window in my bedroom. The yellow lamp is on my desk .Every evening, I do my homework under the lamp. I have a big shelf in my bedroom. There are many books on the shelf. I like reading very much. Do you like reading? You can borrow the books from me if you like?
My bedroom is so nice. I like it.
This is my bedroom.There is a bed ,a bookcase and two chairs.In my bookcase,there is a lot of books.Not only textbooks ,but also after-school books.I'm a fan of reading.Since I'm a small girl
I have loved reading,so my bedroom is also my study.I always read varies of books in my bedroom.
It bring me relaxation and wise.I love my bedroom

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