the little boy entered the house

The little boy entered the house, unhappy. His mother was  36 cakes in the kitchen. She smiled as she  37 but stopped when she saw his face. “ Tyler,  38     happened? Is everything okay?”
“Nothing is okay, Mom,” said the boy, “ Today, in our science lesson, Mrs Green was talking about the 39 . She said that the whole world is getting dirtier and that many animals and plants are dying. She wants us to think of something we can do to help. I thought all the way home, but there is 40 I can do to make a difference.”
“ Let me tell you 41 ,” the mother said after thinking for a while. “ One morning a man was walking down a beach, there he saw thousands of dying starfish covering the beach, they were pushed up by the 42 , and it was too far up for them to make their way back by 43 . The man shook his head as he walked along, ‘What a pity! So many starfish will die on the beach.’ The man felt very sorry 44 those starfish. He went on walking and just at that time he was 45 to find a boy in front who was throwing the starfish back into the sea as 46 as he could. ‘How silly you are! My 47 ,’ the man said, ‘There are so many starfish, can you throw all of them back?’ The boy didn’t stop but kept throwing. ‘ 48 I can’t help them all, I can make a difference to this one, and this one, and this one.’ said the boy.”
“ Thinking for a moment, the man 49 to help return the starfish to their home. He smiled and said to himself, ‘ Sometimes the biggest lesson in life comes from the 50 person.’”
36. A. drinking B. making C. selling D. washing
37. A. turned around B. turned down C. turned on D. turned off
38. A. what B. when C. where D. why
39. A. air B. land C. water D. environment
40. A. something B. anything C. everything D. nothing
41. A. a lie B. a joke C. a story D. a truth
42. A. wind B. rain C. waves D. sands
43. A. himself B. itself C. ourselves D.themselves
44. A. of B. for C. from D. forward
45. A. afraid B.surprised C. sad D. angry
46. A.slow B. fast C. soon D. high
47. A. father B. mother C. son D. daughter
48. A. Or B. So C. Because D. Though
49. A. began B. continued C. forgot D. waited
50. A. shortest B. tallest C. smallest D.biggest

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