what are you going to do this weekend 怎么回答

这要看你自己了 你可以回答
i am going to see a film看电影
或者 i am going to have some shopping去购物
如果我是位学生,当被问到这个问题时,多半回答:Nothing special, just stay at home and finish my homework. How about you?没什么特别的,就是在家完成作业,你呢?
如果你想去某地看风景度周末,可以这样说:I'm visiting somewhere for sightseeing.
如果是女生通常周末下午逛个街:I will be going for shopping with someone on Sunday afternoon (女生通常是群逛的)
如果你想睡个懒觉啥地方也不去 :I will have a sleepin on Sat. or Sun morning.
I'm going to doing(将此处doing替换成你打算做的事的进行时就好啦)

i' m going to see a film

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